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Minneapolis Air Conditioner Maintenance and Installation
Since 1982


Maintaining your Air Condtioner

We are glad to maintain your air conditioner. In order to get the maximum life span out of your a/c unit, maintenance is the answer. This saves the costumer money in the long run and keeps your a/c running at optimal levels, saving you money on your energy bill.

Servicing your Air Condtioner

If your air conditioner unit is not running properly we can troubleshoot the problem and fix it. If it can be fix and it makes financial sense we are more than happy to fix the problem verses selling you on a new unit. We are dedicated to serving our customer in the long term.

Replacing your Air Condtioner

If you need a new air conditioning unit we are glad to work with you. We have partnered up with Day and Night furnace and Air Conditioner. We chose them because of their consistent drive to provide a quality product with a competitive value. Their units are built by the same manufacturers of large name brand companies but without the huge ticket price.

Day and Night Air Conditioner MN Air Conditioner installer